1169 Tokens online, forums working (again)

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Date: Apr 02, 2005 - 07:09 PM
Well, I have 1169 tokens online. Latest trades thanks to AVA members Alan C., Dennis P., and Joe S. I also added a few new traders to my trade list.

I think I have the issues with the forums resolved. This effected all users of Internet Exploder. Firefox users (such as myself), were not effected. I plan to move to different forum software sometime this month. I need to order a few new Dell Computers for the webserver and Forums. I am planning on separating them, and running the exonumist website from one, and the forums from another. Eventually, when I get time, I will do something useful with the vecturist.com domain - for now, there is simply not enough time...:-(

Not much else new. Trying to plan a trip to New York City for next weekend with 'the guys'.

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