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Date: Apr 04, 2005 - 11:10 PM
4 more tokens added tonight. Added a nice KY480M (and a few duplicates for the trade list), thanks to Marilyn T. She also sent me 5 other tokens (sales tax, game, and 2 others), which I will try to scan and post up in the forums - perhaps someone can help me identify them, so that I can pay her what they are worth. The other 3 tokens are from Little Falls, Minnesota, thanks again to Dennis P. 7 tokens from the trade list where sent off to Alan (chickengrabber).

At least one of you have noticed that the Forums are back online. A slight snafu with cookies was causing some issues to my Internet Explorer friends. I also fixed the file attachment problem. You can attach up to 4 images to every post.

If there is anything you would like added to this site, please feel free to email me.

It's past 11:00, and I still have a dozen emails to answer. Luckily, I have my good friend Bud Powell and Dos Equis to keep be going.

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