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Date: May 24, 2005 - 01:48 AM
Well, I have 1279 Tokens online! I just acquired 2 new error tokens from NYC. One is an unpunched 16mm token, the other is an unpunched 22mm token. I'll try to get scans of them up online sometime this week. Thanks to Steve from NY for these!

I am going to try to start rewriting a lot of this site next week. There is a lot of code clean up that I need to do before I can move the site to it's new home. I probably have a good 2 weeks (80 hours) of work to do before I can move the site to it's new Linux box.

I am still working on the vecturist.com website. I want to put up information about the AVA there.

I was curious, so I checked my google page rank. I currently have a google page rank of 3. The google page rank ranges from 0 through 10. Sites with page rank of 10 include sites like google.com and yahoo.com. I suppose that a page rank of 3 is good considering that I have only had this site online for less than a year!

Well, it is almost 2am, and I probably should get some sleep...

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